College Funding

For many students and their parents, college can be an exciting yet frightening time.  The anxiety about getting into college and how to pay for it can be overwhelming.  Don't wait until it's too late to develop a plan that fits the needs- and budget- of your family.

Whether you just had your first child and want to begin a college savings plan or you have a high school student starting the process, we can help.  Properly titling college fund assets and sheltering others may help lead to more generous financial aid offers down the road.  Two of your largest assets may be your 401(k) plan and your home equity- understanding how these affect your eligibility for financial aid is crucial.  It can be a confusing time, but you don't need to go at it alone. 


  • Which 529 plan should I choose?
  • What is a Coverdell Education Savings Account?
  • Should we consider UTMA/UGMA custodial accounts?
  • How can grandparents' contributions assist in paying for college?
  • How do we maximize our eligibility for financial aid?
  • What are Stafford Loans?  Pell Grants?
  • What is our Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?
  • Should we consider using home equity to pay for college?
  • How are annuities counted in the financial aid calculations?
  • How do we complete the FAFSA or CSS Profile forms?


We are happy to work with you on an hourly fee basis to help you get your college plans in place.