Divorce Financial Planning

It is said that you get divorced three times: legally, emotionally and financially.  When the legal issues are resolved and the emotional issues are behind you, the financial settlement will still significantly impact the rest of your life.  A divorce financial analyst can provide you with the tools and information to use in negotiating a fair settlement and to understand how to live and pay your bills after the divorce.

We can work together with your attorney, mediator, collaborative team, accountant or realtor.  Contact us for answers to all your divorce financial planning questions.

You can find a wealth of information pertaining to Massachusetts divorce at The Divorce Center.

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Pre Divorce
• Relieve some of the panic, instill calm, take some of the emotion out of financial matters
• Develop understanding of the financial issues, the decisions that need to be made and the financial consequences of those decisions
• Compile, organize, value and analyze financial information
• Complete divorce analysis: compare and contrast various scenarios regarding division of assets and debts
• Determine the need for life insurance

During Mediation or Divorce Proceedings
• Compare and contrast various scenarios regarding division of assets, among them: can I keep the house or should we sell it?
• Help to decide whether retirement plans need to be divided, or valued for offset with other assets
• Review proposals set forth by mediator and attorney
• Assist with counter proposals
• Determine the benefit of an offer to take a lump-sum payment or monthly support payments
• Provide forecasts of cash flow and net worth based on asset division

Post Mediation or Divorce Proceedings
• Assist with investment decisions
• Re-titling assets transferred under Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
• Cash flow analysis/household budget
• Buy vs. rent analysis and mortgage options
• Assistance with post divorce re-titling of assets, change of beneficiaries, credit checks


As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA), we are often referred to new clients by divorce attorneys, mediators, real estate agents, CPAs and therapists.  We specialize in divorce advice and consulting- contact us today for answers to all of your divorce questions.  To learn more about the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, click here.